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Donner Peak

Elevation Profile:

Donner Peak Elevation Profile

Map of General Route:

Donner Peak Topo Map

Donner Peak is the sweet little mountain that dominates your view as you drive up old hwy 40 over Donner Pass. It is on your left above Donner Lake. Donner Peak is interesting, in that it offers extreme terrain on the north side above the train tracks, including the tick list “heart” run and some train tunnel hucking options.  Then you have the mellow, low angle NW Gully and slopes that easily take you up to the summit. To climb Donner Peak, skin up this NW side, which is basically the right skyline you see in my pictures or along your drive up there. You will see Sugarbowl Skiers on the piste through the trees to your right, as you go up the hill. You may end up having a hard time traversing back to the car, as there is enticing terrain to keep skiing below the car and train tunnel. That’s cool, you have skins. Explore the area while you are there. Donner Pass has all kinds of neat nooks and crannies to take photos of scenery, or your crazy friends riding short, technical lines. The early Tahoe ski movies were shot in this zone and we are ready to see another one!

Oh yeah, parking is basically anywhere you see along hwy 40 near the top of the road. Don’t park in the Sugarbowl Academy parking lot.



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